A Daiquiri Celebration

It's funny that I'm beginning my blog with posts about drinks. I'm practically a teetotaler for one thing, as most of you who know me already know... and this is supposed to be a blog about feeding a family, after all. But there are some days when you need a drink after a day with the kids, and other days when you need one to celebrate.

Yesterday was a cause for celebration -- the first direct commercial flight between the U.S.and Cuba in more than half a century took off from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and landed on the island .A couple of friends of mine were on the flight, and they described jubilant flight attendants giving speeches and hurriedly serving drinks and sweeping them away before touching down 50 minutes later. When the Jet Blue flight landed in Santa Clara, a small city a couple of hours away from Havana, applause erupted through the cabin, and it was not just for this historic flight. Cubans clap every time their planes land in Havana, one of their more endearing habits. My kids and I have joined in on our touchdowns in Cuba, too. To celebrate the historic flight yesterday, we had a round of frozen daiquiris in our home, with our neighbors M & O.

See my friend Mike's report: https://apnews.com/624ea057420748a1a77d7493458e9b71

And the Daiquiri Recipe below.