Pure Invention

A Forthcoming Memoir

by Jen Lin-Liu

Jen is working on a memoir about living in Cuba.

"It was a time that cannot be summarized easily, except to say that they were the most memorable years of my life, in a beautiful, tragic setting filled with inspiring characters in troubling situations. My family and I lived in Cuba for two years, an experience not available to most Americans, at a time when relationships -- both political and personal -- were changing by the day."

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The Strawberry Whisperer, Saveur Magazine 

Jen writes about a gardener friend who found a way to evade the U.S. embargo to bring California strawberries to Cuba in the 1970s.

Cash for Clunkers, The Economist  

Jen writes about Cuba's crazy car market, where a Kia hatchback is worth $60,000, double the price of an antique Oldsmobile.